Secrets to Painless Rehousing

Today, I virtually had the processing room to myself since everyone else is out for the holiday.  This is a rare occasion, and one that I usually take advantage of by playing music and sometimes singing out loud.  (And you thought archivists were serious, proper folks who never raise their voices above a whisper except to scold you when you pick up your pen!)

After many days of sighing loudly at the number of Civil War payment vouchers I was going to have to rehouse, I happily discovered that my pace rapidly improved with a little Billy Bragg playing in the background.  I got through about ten linear feet today.

today's progress

I felt happy all day, and dancing a little bit in between boxes didn’t hurt!  I should probably not reveal these secrets, but, then again, it increased my productivity and made me feel better about all of these gritty receipts that I have to rehouse.  Perhaps it’s time for me to give in and buy an MP3 player.   Especially since this is what I have yet to finish:

so many vouchers

There are a few more shelves below these too, but instead of being dramatic about that 80 linear feet of madness that awaits me, I’ll just dance my way through it…

Happy holiday, all.


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