From 3 Musketeer boxes to document boxes: the Belfield papers

When we chose the Belfield papers (Collection 3159) for the PACSCL Hidden Collections Processing Project, we weren’t entirely sure what the processors might find in those 3 Musketeer boxes.  We only knew for certain that (1) they contained papers of members of the Wister family, the Starr family, Logan family, and Daniel Blain. (Belfield is the name of the house where the families lived); and (2) the papers were pretty dirty.  Using tenets of minimal processing, processors Michael and Celia barged through the dirt and other unpleasantries at a steady rate.  They organized the collection and uncovered a number of treasures.  Click here to read their blog post and see pictures of their journey.

The finding aid for the Belfield papers is in the process of being completed and a link will be provided once it has been posted to our website.


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