We strive to make sure that all the images posted comply with current copyright regulations.  If you believe that that an image is in violation of copyright, please contact us.

If you are interested in obtaining a reproduction of any image posted on the blog, or from any of the collections we write about here, please see the instructions below.

Requests for digital imaging, other reproduction services, and the intended use of reproductions must be made in writing. The Historical Society of Pennsylvania (HSP) accepts written requests by email (preferred), fax, or letter addressed to the Digital Collections Coordinator. Upon receiving a request, HSP will either email an invoice or request additional information before invoicing the order. Prepayment is required on all orders.

Please identify the image as completely as possible, including call number and/or collection name, as well as the intended use and number of copies to be published (provide a photocopy of the front and back page of image when possible, for visual reference). Customers who request items that cannot be identified will be referred to Research by Mail.  Address all communications to the attention of the Digital Collections Coordinator.  Do not send any payment before receiving an invoice for your request.

Revenue generated from the purchase and use of digital reproductions and/or microfilm from HSP assists in the preservation, management, and maintenance of its collections. A reproduction is sold for personal, reference, non-profit, and commercial use only and may not be copied or reproduced beyond its one-time requested usage. HSP reserves the right to refuse any reproduction request. All responsibility for possible copyright infringement, invasion of privacy, and the rights of publicity from the use of reproductions is assumed by the patron. HSP retains all rights to the digital reproduction / the digital image of the original. Prices and policies are guaranteed for ninety days from the date of the invoice and are subject to change without notice thereafter.

Possession of a Society digital image does not constitute permission to use or publish it.